If you freak out when you hear the word “diet” but you want to rock your LBD, this is probably the answer to your prayers.

Chiara Ferragni at Ralph Lauren

Chiara Ferragni at Ralph Lauren


I love fashion, and I love wearing all types of clothes, the problem is maintaining a grrreat figure in order to really work the outfit. This love of mine for fashion intersects with my love for food, and this is where the problem begins, I can´t be on diets. I can´t stop eating burgers, doughnuts, shakes and fries. After accepting the fact that no diet could work on me, I started looking for some other alternatives that could help me control my body fats and my hunger. Here are the changes in my daily routine that have really worked for me:


When we wake up, our stomaches are empty from the metabolism of our bodies during the night. By drinking a glass of water in the morning, before any other food, the body will start the process of digestion with a pure solution and will be ready to receive and process the rest of the food faster. This may sound simple but make the habit and you will start noticing the change.


Now that we sphototarted the habit of drinking water, our day can improve by infusing some fruits and vegetables to our daily water bottle.

There are different combinations of fruits, vegetables and leafs that can help us for different purposes. This detox water will take care of toxins and fats in your body improving your skin, muscles and organs. Remember that drinking two liters (70 oz.) of water per day is the suggested amount to keep your body healthy.


Well that´s unexpected… and disgusting! When I read about this method it seemed a little weird but it works. The two table spoons daily can be dissolved in water to avoid the strong taste.

Many celebrities like Miranda Kerr make use of this technique, and well, look at them.

Besides, researchers suggest that vinegar may affect certain genes involved in breaking down fats, says Chicago dietitian Debbie Davis, RD.


Studies revealed that water itself contains salts that can inflate your intestine creating the appearance of having a fat belly. By adding a piece of fruit, nut, vegetable or leaf, the salts will be absorbed and you will avoid the “fat illusion”.


Last but not least, the work out. It is hard sometimes to get enough time to work out daily, but trust me on this one when I say IT´S WORTH IT! There is no technique in the world that will burn more fats than the exercise. By running, walking or having sex 30 minutes per day, you will start loosing weight and looking tighter.


Sarah Stage workout

Wear your favourite clothes and look great. Be constant on any of this techniques or combine them all to achieve the body of your dreams without diets.

If you have tried any of this techniques, please comment about your own experience and also comment if you have any other fat loss technique.



That´s all for today, thanks for reading and remember to stay “in”.


Yeah, what you read indeed is possible…

When I first heard about the dry shampoo, two ideas came to my mind: will the chemicals of the product damage my hair?, does it actually works?

I have done a lot of research about the subject and it starts like this…

Washing your hair everyday can mess up the natural oils of our hair and make it dryer, have less volume and makes it skinny. Also if you dye it, the colour may go faster.

Thinking about the fact of not washing your hair every day may be kind of disturbing to some people because in my case, I’ve been raised with the habit of hair washing every single day, no matter what. But anyways, the research keeps going and I realised that dry shampoo is found either in spray or powder presentation and it’s made of talk powder mainly. This powder absorbs the oil from your hair and gives the appearance of a clean hair.

After thinking it twice it may be a good option to use in circumstances when your hair looks dirty and there’s no time to get in the shower, or when you finish gym time, a bad hair day….. and the list goes on. For us girls, the appearance of our hair is very important.

I also made some research in the good and bad brands or products to use:


imgres-3-Oscar Blandi, Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray. $11 USD

Reviewers comment that this product leaves residuals that need to be washed out, so the purpose is not achieved. Besides, the price is relatively high compared to the results.



imgres-2-Tresemmé Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo. $5.49 USD

Reviewers complain a lot about this product, and when I say a lot I mean IT ONLY MAKES IT WORST! Costumers say it leaves residue in your hair and it doesn’t really absorb oil. It is affordable but sometimes the physical price you pay for cheap stuff is expensive, so invest in good products.



imgres-4-Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo. $4.74 USD

Reviewers only have lovely things to say about this product that is affordable, serves the purpose of absorbing oil (the results even last for two days) and it also gives your hair a great texture to work with and say see you later to the bad hair days.



-Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo. $13.95 USD

This is one of the most recommended dry shampoo. It really cleans your hair and in addition, THE SMELL IS AWESOME! That’s an important plus because I am a nose person, its all about the smell. The price is a little higher but it is a good investment.



-Batiste Dry Shampoo. $7.99 USD

The number one on the list, the father of the dry shampoos! Customers love it because your hair looks like it has just been washed. Plus it doesn’t leave any white residue behind, what makes it perfect for dark-haired ladies and gents. The price is super for the best product of it’s kind.

I am currently using the Batiste Dry Shampoo and I totally agree with the reviews. Try the products and comment about them.

Thanks for reading, and stay “in”.


What the f is this?!

Off the Cuff?
Who do you think you are, new blogger?

Well, yes I am starting my blog and I am kind of green in the subject but I garantee that my posts will be helpful, entertaining, and interesting to all the fashion, food, sports and art lovers.

I am a visual artist and fashion lover. I like writing and reading among other things.

My goal is to inform you about the trends in literature, fashion, and nutrition tips that we ignore sometimes.

In order to make this blog useful, I would love for you to comment any suggestions about topics you want to know about and those you would rather not know about.

Thanks and welcome to Off the Cuff, the place where “in” stuff meet.